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Migration Pilot Program

  • Migration Pilot ProgramCarly Jordan Project Manager, Leadership Great South Coast Alumni.

20 families to be resettled in our region

20 Australian families from African backgrounds will be resettled in our region through the Leadership Great South Coast Migration pilot program.

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Four Australian families from African backgrounds have moved to south west Victoria as a pilot resettlement project aimed at boosting the population and driving economic growth in the regions.

This innovative pilot, named the Great South Coast Economic Migration Project, aims to relocate 10 families in Southern Grampians Shire and 10 families to Glenelg Shire with the objective to create a resettlement model to be rolled out across the Great South Coast.

The pilot program, which is a partnership between Leadership Great South Coast, Great Lakes Agency for Peace and Development International and iGen Foundation aims to relocate migrant families currently residing in Melbourne or Adelaide, who specifically wish to work and live in rural Victoria.

The aim is to work with each of the families and match them with houses and jobs specific to their skill set.

The Victorian State Government has announced that it is providing $162,000 funding to deliver the project. The Victorian Government funding will help to deliver community capacity building and cultural awareness training elements of the project, as well as orientation and local relocation support for the families with both economic and social outcomes.

The project team aim to create a model that can be replicated in other communities and an online database to assist with the rollout in other shires.