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City Vandalism

City Vandalism

!4 Thousand dollars damage

A spree of vandalism has caused approximately $14,000 worth of damage to rubbish bins around Warrnambool.

Multiple bins have been deliberately hit by a car at Worm Bay, Cannon Hill, Pickering Point, Thunder Point, and the BMX track.

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Warrnambool Mayor Tony Herbert said that it appeared that the damage was caused by a vehicle deliberately driving into the large metal bins.

“Not only is this behaviour highly destructive, it’s downright dangerous,” he said.

“In some of these instances a vehicle has mounted the footpath near a steep hill or cliff to ram the bins. This puts the driver and anyone else nearby in danger.

“Residents regularly contact Council with suggested locations for new public bins. Unfortunately, rather than installing more bins, we are having to spend money to replace damaged ones.

“I’d like to ask everyone in the community, especially those who live in South Warrnambool where most of these incidents have taken place, to report any vandalism or hoon behaviour to the police.

“With newly installed CCTV cameras along the foreshore, as well as those operating in the CBD, we look forward to working with the police to curb this anti-social behaviour.”

Anyone with any information about the bin damage can contact the Warrnambool police station on 5560 1333.

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