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Aboriginal Elder Honoured

Aboriginal Elder Honoured

Warrnambool's Robert Lowe Senior

Local aboriginal elder Robert Lowe Senior has received a prestigious State Government award.

Mr Lowe received a Council of the Aging Award in the Victorian Senior of the Year awards for 2018.

The 71 year old was recognised for his work in the community and for being an exceptional role model.

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As part of the month-long Victorian Seniors Festival, the Victorian Senior of the Year Awards were presented in Melbourne this week, celebrating older Victorians who support and inspire others through their volunteer work.

71-year-old Robert Lowe Snr from Warrnambool received a Council of the Aging Award for the pivotal role he plays in working with the Warrnambool community to educate them on the thousands of years of history and areas of cultural significance across the region.

Robert was instrumental in the upgrade of Swan Reserve in 2013-14, and inspired the design based on his knowledge of local Aboriginal history.

Robert guided the development of an Indigenous acknowledgement area in the Warrnambool Community Garden, and takes school and public groups to the garden to teach them about the cultural and historical significance of the garden site to the Gunditjmara people.

For many visitors to the Warrnambool Community Garden, Robert is the first Aboriginal person they have had the opportunity to interact with and learn from.

The spirit and passion he has for building relationships and understanding between people of all cultures and ages makes him a wonderful role model for his community.

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